Yellow Flowers

This framed photograph is the artists abstract interpretation of flowers filled with layers of color.


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Artist Name Juanita BaldwinArtist Bio I have been painting for several years and come to realize that I’m learning another language besides English and Spanish, my native tongue. Each brushstroke is like the beginning of a phrase that transmits the artist’s feeling onto the canvas. Each value is the pronunciation of a new word, right or wrong. The finished painting should read like a poem or perhaps a story, sometimes moody, sometimes successful and once in a while, truly forgettable. My work is usually small in size but painted with the same dedication and passion I would use in bigger works. To me, painting and photography should be dynamic forms of expression, meaning that my way of rendering a landscape will change with time as a result of practice, experimentation and the desire to explore new approaches. I like the variety of possibilities offered by the different media that I use. It challenges me to express myself in an evolving manner that will take me to new horizons.Size 20" x 16"Medium photography